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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bad Chocolate... and later... A Theory About my Brain.

The side of me that loves growing flowers craves chocolate occasionally, and last week I had a moment. I fought it for about three days, but finally caved to a dark Ghirardelli, 86% cacao… antioxidants don’t you know… called Midnight Reverie.

I should have known better. The box read like the cover of a romance novel: ‘Midnight Reverie’, ‘Intense Dark’, ‘Moments of Timeless Pleasure’. Big. Red. Flags. I mean, who needs to schmooze to sell chocolate? And when did cocoa become cacao? Is that like Aztec? Oh, but it gets worse. When I got home, I noticed the 'tasting notes' on the back of the box. Read for yourself…

The deep, full bodied flavor is noticeable upfront and evenly through with hints of dark cherries, dried plums and a roasted flavor from the high cacao content. The supremely smooth texture has a fine, crisp snap with overall round, warm chocolate notes that linger for a lasting, enchanting finish.’

Oh yeah. I'd eat that. But that's not what was in the box. (Well, maybe the roasted part.) Midnight Reverie taste identical to a bar of Hershey’s baking chocolate I inadvertently bit into as a child. ‘Round, warm chocolate notes’ ass. I’ve had banana peels that tasted better.

I'm sure it's my plebian upbringing, but if I have to acquire a taste for something… that generally means it doesn’t taste good and I best be getting drunk or laid out of the deal. I got neither. Worse yet, I still have my  chocolate jones. 


  1. I've had that. Taste like shit. I didn't finish it. I like chocolate in all its forms but I prefer a semi-sweet dark chocolate that satisfies my needs with a few bites. Just reading the label on that crap makes my mouth water which makes me all the more angry.
    I totally agree with "acquiring a taste". That doesn't work for everyone. You would think that the first cigarette that made you puke would deter cigarette smoking but it doesn't.

  2. Booze, smokes... there was always an ulterior motive.

    I do like the costy chocolate, but I think I'm going to shoot for a higher percentage of high fructose corn syrup in my next bar.

  3. Actually, I really love dark chocolate; the darker the better, to be honest, haha. Oh well...I guess to each his own. (And I can totally understand why people don't like it. And that's okay, too.)

  4. Ew Ew EW.
    Agreed, man. Keep your fancy schmancy chocolate that tastes like coffee grounds and dirty socks. Gimme' that Reeses' Cup.

  5. Emmy... I love dark, dark chocolate too. But this particular bar is dark with more cocoa (cacao) than sugar... way more. Have you tried it, or something similar? I was hoping to get a "Hey I love that stuff!" and get some insight to other taste buds.

  6. Annie... Do ya'll say Rees ees' or Rees es', down there in no-bologna-eating Arkansas?

  7. Ferrero Rocher!... especially the coconut variety (still and always a hazelnut in the middle as the prize). One of 3 things in this world I CAN'T RESIST!


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