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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gifts to the Magi

As the villagers had come to believe
that it would bring them prosperity in the New Year,
they carried great gifts of food,
left over from their Christmas tables,
up the mountain
to the Hermit. 

And so it was that the Hermit and his dog, Dog,
would gain fifteen pounds apiece
over the course of three days,
reduce the inside diameter of their arterial walls by half,
and put such a strain on their collective pancreases
the organs would not  fully recover till spring.

My neighbors rock.


  1. Although at first glance it would appear the neighbors are trying to murder the hermit but I have found that the generousness of giving and the graciousness of receiving offsets the ill effects of the poison given. In some cases the joy involved not only reverses any damage but in the end has a positive affect.

  2. I'll be a week trying to pass all that starch.

  3. That's so wonderful that the people were so generous to the Hermit and Dog. I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas, Steven & Doggers!!


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