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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hail... and lots of it

Last Thursday, Elsewhere was hailed upon... 

in a Biblical sense.

Fortunately, everything on the farm can be cleaned up with a broom and rake...
others didn't fair so well.

My poor little flowers...  

...maybe next year.


  1. isn't that something, eh? they wait all year (well, perhaps they don't. perhaps they just are in whatever state they are in, but it seems as though they wait.) and in a moment they are blasted past that crucial stage and must wait again another year. we sure could use this lesson in patience.


  2. SWMBO constantly reminds me, just wait, sit on your hands and see what the plant does. Those goddamn cats broke off my bell pepper below the bottom limb and I wanted to beat them to death with the pot but she said wait 'til tomorrow. I did and now it has new growth in under 36 hours. Now I have to find another pot to beat them with but it will have to wait until after my nap. It doesn't seem as important as it did.
    I'll bet that hail on a tin roof was scary.

  3. OH NO! But OH YES to next year -:)

    The cold weather did a number on a lot of the flowers around here.

  4. That is a lot of leaves on the ground... Wow. That must have been some hailstorm.
    I agree with SWMBO.. I bet your flowers will come back and surprise you!
    Hope you got under cover.


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