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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Math Riddle: 'This Ain't no KFC Mother F****rs'

Farmer Steve started out in mid-March with thirty-five chickens: eleven mature and twenty-four hand incubated pullets. By late July he had lost all but seven to various varmints. When he still had nine chickens, Farmer Steve had already caught three raccoons, one possum and two cats in a live-catch trap. The cats were set free... as they belonged to Farmer Steve's neighbor... the possum was dutifully shot, and the coons were sent up the road to take part in training exercises, from which, Farmer Steve was assured, they would not return.

What is Farmer Steve going to run out of first?   


  1. Patience.

    ...great new Profile pic.

  2. You mean second don't you? You have already run out of patience and that was one.
    Three will be chickens.

  3. Gwen and Mr. Oldfool... You are warm... but I'm still settin' traps. The towel has yet to be thrown into the ring.

    (...thanks Gwen)

  4. ps OF... as for running out of birds... I'll bring an Adam and Eve into the house before that happens.

  5. I'm gonna guess the desire/motivation to raise chickens... but what do I know...


  6. hmmmmm certainly won't run out of varmints

  7. I'd say you're right Shoes.

    As for varmints... caught another coon last night. Adios bandito.

    1. Those things really get pissed when they are angry...


  8. I couldn't get past the hysterical title of your riddle ..... + math was never my strong suit.

  9. Shoes... How come I can't get the 'Reply' gizmo to work? Anyway... most of the coons I caught were cute as hell, very Tom Sawyer, as in, "Hey Mister, bein' in this cage is the best thing ever. Give me an apple, open the door and I'll let you see for yourself."

    They will chew your arm off though, if given half a chance.


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