If I am repaired, can we meet again for the first time, in all of the places I have feared to go, and then, again, in all of the places I will have forgotten, if I am repaired?



Monday, November 4, 2013

The Promise of Spring



  1. Steven, This looks very much like it could be a painting from the Renaissance... titled something like, death of the innocents..

    Is the image a prophesy of what you believe is to come? or am I out in left field.

  2. This pic makes me cry ... I want to pick those little birds up and breathe life back into them ...winter just started ... but never winter of the heart.

  3. PS: Who is the boss guy? Looks like Peter Gzowski ...

  4. Gwen... I scooped the little female out first, cleaning last years ashes from my shop stove this weekend. If that wasn't heartbreaking enough, her mate came next. The image was quite unplanned. I apologized to both birds for not being there to let them out, lay them beside each other and finished prepairing the fire. When I looked back at them later, I saw them as you see them. I thought it was beautiful... they were beautiful... still... and wondered if I could capture what I saw. I think it translated well enough. As for the caption... I'm always the romantic... I imagined the promise the little male made this past spring that brought the two of them down the chimney, and then all of the promises he made when they couldn't get out, and the promises he continued to make as she lay dying. 'The Promise of Spring' It was a mistake. A sad mistake.

    ^ . ^ ...

    'Boss' is... was... a dear friend and blogger, who we lost last year. Sadly his blog, 'Old Fools Journal' has been removed, or I would introduce you.

  5. Here for the unromantic question... what kind of birds are they?

    1. Stephanie, they appear to be Eastern Blue Birds...


  6. a remarkable image, steven. you absolutely translated the story. I gasped at the photograph, the motley hues, the geometry, even the heads back. while obviously death is at play, I feel the promise. the promise is ever present and yet always in the end we are denied but what a journey, what a sweet story. I want to be lied to like this every step of the way, all the while knowing.

    stunning. stunning stunning stunning.


  7. erin... love shines brightest in the darkness of tragedy. who knows though... they could have been bitching at each other the whole time. we'll say not.

    (sadly, i snapped the photograph with my phone. regretting that now.)

  8. iPhone or no... the image works, I think.

    Beautiful Blue Birds...


  9. My most favorite little bird, they remind me of English Robins.
    The picture is sad, yet poignant, I imagine them flying free, together on the other side...


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