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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stealing Dreams

If I dream about a book. A book like no book I've ever read before. With pictures, the likes of which I've never seen anywhere else. Written and illustrated by a girl I, more or less, know. A girl who, in real life, is a fine writer and wonderful artist, but has yet to publish anything bound... 

     Is this dream book mine for the writing? 

     Or am I stealing?

                                        I feel like I'm stealing. 



  1. ... It does not matter, friend Steven, believe me ... ... cuz in the end nothing matters but what u tasted ... sooo ... add salt, pepper, curry and garlic to ur liking and enjoy, hmmm? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Perfectly seasoned it was. Too many pots on the stove maybe, for another. Need to finish a few meals.

  2. Well... maybe only she can answer that question...


  3. You should ask her...but I'm sure she'll want you to write it ;)

  4. Your dream... your book.... write it down!

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