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Monday, September 7, 2015

Bobo was promised a day at the Dog Beach while we're in California. He's very, very excited.

The thing is, Bobo has no idea what a Dog Beach is, a fact that sank in over the course of about three days, and has since required that we (by 'we' I mean I), explain to him, every night, about waves and sand and seagulls. About the smell of salt air, and seashells, and seaweed and how very small one feels on the Ocean's shore. Of course I must also name as many creatures as I know that call the water home, and describe, in detail, each dog  that might be there when we arrive, and oh, tell me again daddy about how absolutely no cats are allowed at any time.

He's such a country dog.


  1. Oh that's so nice!!!
    I can really picture you telling him over and over again.


    1. Well good. All this enigmatic stuff was beginning to give me a complex ;)

  2. Don't forget to tell him about the ones who live in the ocean that have fins on their backs....
    Oh wait, does he know what a 'fin' is ?
    A country dog would compare it to a Porcupine attack.
    No more land-locked....enjoy the sights and sound.

    1. Porcupine! Oh dear! Let's not bring them up. I'll be forever explaining the quills and whatnot.


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