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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Baseball Game

"Steve, the ball game starts about six. I figured we'd leave about four, get there early so the boys can look around. Why don't you just come over to the house about that time. We'll load up and go."

"I... "

"What? You still want to go don't you?"

"I've got so much to do around here."

"It"ll wait until Sunday, won't it?"

"My house needs cleaned. And there's weeds everywhere."

"Ah, man come on. Take a little break."

"Nah, I can't. Really."

"The boys sure are going to be disappointed."

"Yeah. That's why I never had kids."


  1. Who's the one talking to you? This is a bit of a sad story...I'm sorry you couldn't go to the game with the boys. :(

  2. Neighbor family?
    ...oh well.

  3. You turned down your friend's kids? Steve... not cool. You should've gone! Games are fun!

  4. Oh yeah.
    I definitely have your twin brother here at my home.

  5. You are funny!!! I understand completely..

    ..sometimes our lives seem to trickle away at other people's whims... it takes a lot of guts to not go along with the crowd..!!!


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