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Sunday, July 4, 2010

"It's twue, it's twue!"

July the Fourth is living up to its sweltering reputation.

Being 99% hermit, I am not engaged in a traditional celebratory get-together today. I am (was) trying, despite the heat, to catch up on some neglected gardening. Pulling weeds and pruning mostly.

But it’s hot. A 95 degree, Southern kind of hot. And, being 99% hermit, I have, over the years, become aware of the fact that I am the only one who sees my garden, and that I really don’t care if it’s a tad overgrown on the hottest day of the year. I hardly even notice it from inside the air-conditioned house.

I did though manage two “small stones” while out there…

Anise! Anise! Licorice!


Beneath whimsied vines the Wisteria crushes arbor bones with Philistine grip.


Stay cool.

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  1. I'm bringing over fireworks. I bet they look great out there.


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