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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It Is Finished

From the balcony...

I did the tile a while back, with Bret.

Here is a little video... 


  1. Wowowowow! So gorgeous. Amazing job, guys! :-)

  2. They must be thrilled with the Master Craftsmanship exhibited here and will enjoy it for years and years to come...

    .. Love all the details... and the balcony shot. You must feel good to have completed it.

    Now onto the next challenge?...

  3. Thanks... Again.

    Gwen... There's always something brewing. I need to clean house and pull a few weeds... catch up. There were some long hours put in the past couple weeks. I have a couple pieces in mind though, actually broke out some Cherry last night to let it "breathe".

  4. Steven, that is exactly what happens to us after we get very involved in the latest project.. other things get left on the back burner.. not out of choice but maybe from the obsessive nature and excitement of bringing something to life... Cherry sounds wonderful.. happy weeding...


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