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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just... Just...

Reading for this week: ‘A History of God’ by Karen Armstrong… highly recommended… ‘Stuart Little’ and ‘The Trumpet and the Swan’, by E.B. White, and, of course, Kipling’s, ‘Kim’, which I’ve been whittling away at for what, a month now? The grown-up classics take me forever to read—amazing book though.

Anyway, the catfish dinner turned out to be good as advertised. I survived, but with an overwhelming desire to fast for the next three days and detoxify.

And it snowed, and snowed and snowed.

I really am sympathetic to you city-mice, commuter type’s plight, you contractors and construction guys; everyone who’s been forced into the season’s intended state of hibernation by mounds upon mounds of snow. I have both feared and hated snow as well.


I am totally digging this winter and the weekly dumps.

Of course, our snow will be gone tomorrow. It’s just a one day fantasy.

That’s one of the things I love about Tennessee though, my neck of the woods in particular: You get the seasons, but none of the prolonged extremes. Sure, there’s the occasional freakish weather, but usually, if it’s hot a couple of days, it rains a couple to cool things down, if it’s humid all afternoon a breeze’ll come through and blow it out in the evening, if it’s twenty degrees and snows three inches today, it’s fifty tomorrow and the snow’s melting away. There’s balance here. The seasons aren’t inert, but they’re not brutal either. No single wonder lasts long enough to lull you into complacency.


  1. I am totally digging all the snowy dumps.

  2. Steven: Thank you for sharing Karen Armstrong's A History of God with your readers. For those who don't know of her, you may want to see her video talk at TED or her talk at Chautauqua or the interesting interview Robert Wright did with her at Slate's Meaning of Life site. She is on a great voyage to help spread the word of compassion around the world and your notice of her was another step along that path. Thanks again, Jim Melfi, Founder, VideoTalks.org.


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