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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mag 58: 'War of Five'

Photo Prompt Magpie Tales

Against pumiced curb
We wet Popsicle sticks keen
And dove into the fray headlong,
The few,
The brave,
Mercenaries and crusaders,
Avengers of the down-trod and weak-kneed,
Until Mother,
In divine wisdom, intervened,
Confiscating arms, ‘Before someone,’ she said,
‘Poked an eye out…

Or worse.’


  1. Those were wonderful carefree days ... popsicle sticks included. What a refreshing Magpie!!

  2. Superb! Mothers always the spoilsports! Those were the days!

    Anna :o]

  3. How well I remember the days of popsicle sticks and curbs.

  4. We were to poor to have popsicle sticks but we had homemade bows and arrows and lances made from saplings. Moms were often on the edge of heart failure.

  5. lol, it's all fun and games until someone puts out an eye!

  6. I like how you wove the shield prompt into a present day's child's world of imagination, rather than delving into a historical past.

  7. I never had a pop-sickle-spent childhood. But my mother always intervened, yes, as mothers always do, confiscating my forages from the backyard :) well-lived.

  8. Short and to the point. I loved the ending!


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