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Friday, April 1, 2011

Magpie Tales 59, 'The Backdrop Painter'

Magpie Tales 59

My name won’t ring any bells.

There’s no face to it.

In a crowd of heavies
only the keenest minglers
note my signature spears of juniper,
my wilting inlets,
draping the sallow masonry
that would otherwise grace porcelain shoulders.

I suppose I could brag.
where would they be without me?
The Plains? Another blazing sunrise?

I prefer though, to remain the bright glade in passing,
turning the occasional head,
whose accolades never loose their savor,
fading in mass, until unnoticed
like valleys, bridged behind a masterpiece.


  1. Having seen this work of art in person and duplicated hundreds of times .. I was struck by the background this time around ... I love what you composed.

  2. Excellent. I like your spotlight on the under-appreciated backdrop artist.

  3. A background story often goes unnoticed - bit like Ada and Cad's! LOL

  4. Spears of juniper!! Lovely.

    Alright, I put the elephant back up just for you :)


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