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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dixie and the Giant Virus

Dixie is sitting a rabbit.
          And a virus.
                A giant virus.

     The rabbit stays in a little blue-roofed hutch beside Dixie’s big new tool shed. His name is Houdini. The virus has taken up residence in Dixie's tiny stomach, where there's hardly room for a standard-size guest, let alone a giant one. Dixie doesn’t know the virus's name. She doesn't know for certain if it’s a boy or if it's a girl. But, judging from its immensity, Dixie guesses that it’s a boy. Probably a boy named Bart.

     Houdini is a kind rabbit. He sleeps a lot and eats lettuce and carrots, but mostly carrots and sometimes little green pellets that smell like old cut grass. The virus sleeps a lot too, but it is far less kind and eats nothing but Melba toast, (which tastes a lot like old cut grass), and very little of that.

     Houdini belongs to Dixie’s dear friend Donna, who is in the midst of an extended move. Over the days, Dixie has grown quite attached to her dear friend's rabbit, with his pink and twinkling nose, and she tries very, very hard not to think of the day she’ll have to send him back home. The virus, on the other hand, Dixie acquired from her other dear friend, Jen. And although Dixie loves her two dear friends exactly the same… Jen, Dixie says, can come get her giant virus.


  1. lol, boy that virus sure does get around fast. I have a few friends here with the same virus.

    never trust a virus,they will sleep with anyone.

  2. Jen said to tell you she's done with Bart aka Barf since her whole household passed him around before sharing with me. I kicked his arse out the door and sent him on his way but not before he kicked mine and made me a porcelain queen for a day....

  3. Now if Houdini had a girlfriend, maybe Houdini could go home and still leave some cute little fluffy Houdinis behind.


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