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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On The Not-So-Very-Mysterious George and the Slightly-More-Mysterious Eve

George, my Night-Blooming Cereus, a plant renown for its remarkable flowers that blossom only once a year, opening in the dead of night and wilting just before sunrise, is now on his not-so-mysterious, borderline ho-hum, third round of blooms for the season. 
     And then there’s Eve, who, this morning, despite her lack of crown and all around iffy roosterness, I am quite certain was attempting to crow. 

     This place is just... strange.

     I swear though, if that chicken winds up both laying eggs and crowing, we’ll be live and prime time, quicker than you can say pageant daddy. 



  1. Sometimes we just feel the need to crow, because we CAN lay eggs :)
    The plant is a new one to me, I 'spect it's lovely.

  2. Jo... I was hoping that was the case with this chicken, but alas, no eggs. And as far as the plant goes... George's flowers are lovely... George, however, is for the more part, a long green leafless stick. Not exactly eye candy in the plant realm.

  3. I have heard of that flower.

    maybe she will lay eggs if you sing to her..lol!


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