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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Big Trip, Part Two: Touristy Stuff

As a kid, places like the Continental Divide, The Four Corners, Pike's Peak, held a kind of Billy the Kid mystique for me. They were geographical legends, elusive heroes that could take your life at any given moment and think nothing of it.

Not so much any more. At least not the Continental Divide. Even the dogs there were run down.     


 Someone just had to stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona...

A fine sight indeed.


Meteors do hit the Earth folks...

Not often. But they do.
And they make big, big holes, which cost fifteen dollars to see.
Worth every penny. 


  1. 'Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona...'

    I did that once, but not at that location. How beautiful that is...

    I am mystified by that area of the country... New Mexico... Arizona...

    I-40 as it parallels the old Route 66... I want to go back some day and photograph that area...

    I also want to see that crater... isn't that somewhere near Winslow?


  2. Sweet! that is a big hole and I would pay to see it too.

    I love the old west stories of outlaws like Billy the Kid and the Dalton Gang.

    As for taking pictures of places and famous stuff. I got a great photo of the naked cowboy that stands in the streets of NYC. lol well he's not really naked.

  3. heh, standing on the corner in winslow arizona:)

    and your mom? and your home? and what it means to you? (just started We Were the Mulvaneys, a story of family. i can't help but ask.


  4. That photograph of Winslow Arizona is beautiful: with the reflexion of the woman in the car in the window, and with the couple in embrace on the 1st floor... so much in an image which seems so simple at first sight!

    they're all stunning photo's...
    I would really like to make a trip with so much space everywhere around too



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