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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Touristy Stuff Cont., The Grand Canyon.

This place is insane...

'Grand' is a really poor choice of words.

I was dumbfounded...

This, is a really, really big hole.
I don't know what rim we were at.
I don't think it matters...
It was all beautiful.

Definitely worth the fifteen bucks.
Put it on your to-do list.

(click the pictures... bigger is better)


  1. I've got some Grand Canyon photos posted somewhere back in my blog. As you say, beautiful and well worth it!

    Have you ever been to Sedona?


  2. OHHH Steven I am speechless when it comes to something like this. I mean what can you really say when you are standing in such a place as this. My parents are regretting not seeing it. They went west but only went to YellowStone. There is no way now my dad can make the trip but my mom still would love to see it.

  3. Wow!!! I know I would be spellbound being in such an overwhelming State of Nature. I probably wouldn't want to leave it.... and if and when I did manage to leave it, I would think about it all the time.

  4. Southern Rim and yes it is a really big hole.
    Very Vast and very disconcerting and yet powerfully beautiful especially when one chances to get a glimpse from the edge.....


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