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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Million Likes...


Back of my family-size box of Cheerios.
That's it...
no ads,
no coupons,
no bullshit...
just happy.
I love this marketing team.


  1. Honest and simple.....perfect.
    Made me smile :)

  2. I think maybe they are realizing that people are tired of all the B.S and just make it simple

  3. We'll always say 'hello' to Cheerios!

  4. Not to mention that they are GMO free =)

  5. ah! but they got you. they just marketed around your propaganda weary ass! (although it is a refreshing ad.)

    there is an awesome series of radio programs on cbc radio that you can access on-line and listen to. it ran a few years ago but it's a brilliant approach to learning about the superb manipulation through marketing. plus, it's just fun. (seriously, more fun than it sounds.) it's terry o'reilly's "The Age of Persuasion". he has a new show out now which is good but which lacks the depth of this first series. (sorry terry) you can find the guide for his episodes here: http://www.cbc.ca/ageofpersuasion/episode/

    got milk for those cheerios? (see? marketing everywhere! you guys do have the got milk campaign down there, eh? that joke didn't just dud did it?)



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