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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Lost Art of Venting

James picked at the splintered wood of the cabinet Steven had beaten to pieces in a fit. He smiled slightly, as if it gave him some small pleasure, knowing now that this normally quiet and patient man had a breaking point. That he was not all together... above. 

     “Did it make you feel any better?” James asked.
     Steven expected James was fishing for admission of regrets, an apology of some sort, shame. Because that’s what the World wanted, Wasn't it? When you lost your cool and busted something to pieces—Regrets? Apologies?

     Thing was, Steven didn't regret a thing. Not this time. Not the mess, not the questions, not the inconvenience. It was kill or be killed. The cabinet or him. He saw that. Now. Life is not a tangible bully. It pushes and pushes until you break and strike out blindly in self defense. Hit something. Anything. 

     “You know what,” Steven said, “It did feel good. Very good.”




  1. Oh yes. You are so right. It does. Life. Push until you break. Kill or be killed.
    I think you were very lucky to have a cabinet to slash to pieces.
    At least that limits the damage.
    More people should have a spare cabinet ready.

    Now I come to think of it... could be a booming business... slash-cabinets...


  2. I gotcha.. sometimes we have to go back to go forward. Just seems right... and it definitely feels better!!
    But I bet I would have loved what you had made.. you know what they say.. usually only the maker sees certain things.. but I also know that it would keep eating away at a person who really cared about what they were putting into the world. it is kind of a matter of reputation... if only to ones-self.

  3. I killed a stainless steel garbage can last year in a fit of anger. Thank goodness no one was around to see me do it! It took Evin three days to realize the replacement can I immediately went out and purchased, was not the same one.

  4. Venting... I think of it as 'having a cow'...



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