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Saturday, March 1, 2014

On Driving by Something Mysterious

The walker walked with the confidence of a man who knows much and has little to show for it. He wore a heavy black leather jacket, shoulder length hair and a thick beard. Thinness showed in the seat of his jeans and from his left back pocket there hung a red bandanna.
     At first glance, Steven figured the walker was probably some mechanic, or machinist, or welder, who, in better or even warmer times, drove a motorcycle to work. The bandanna made sense.

     But as he passed, Steven began to think the bandanna seemed a little too clean, too intentional, flaunted almost. That perhaps it might be part of some secret language: a code meant to notify other bikers that the walker had fallen on to hard times and was in need of a lift.

     He briefly considered turning back; asking. But then again, the bandanna could signify the walker’s status in some murderous gang, or that he was a prostitute of some sort, open for business. God, there was so little he knew and so much he feared to ask.  



  1. Or maybe he was out of handkerchiefs.


    1. Didn't strike me as a handkerchief kind of guy, but maybe :)

  2. And into the bandanna unknown we go!!

  3. The less we ask the less we know. And maybe thats a good thing.



  4. there seems to be a game going on in the world in plain sight if we know the codes.
    and then there is the Ukraine and its players... and missing planes... deception and likely suspicion everywhere.

    1. I hardly have time to figure out my own codes, let alone the World's.


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