If I am repaired, can we meet again for the first time, in all of the places I have feared to go, and then, again, in all of the places I will have forgotten, if I am repaired?



Friday, February 28, 2014

I hate to post pics like this...

...because I know how you chicks get when you see my logging gear.
But I've successfully tuned my own chainsaw...


and I figured you might want to bask in my masculinity with me. 

Too, I've been on this  IPA kick...

...couldn't tell you why.
Might be an age thing.
And reading the hell out of some Barbara Kingsolver, as well.

The bitter and the sweet.


  1. I like a man that knows how to handle his tools.

    1. Rest assured Gwen, I didn't do it right the first time... or the second, for that matter.

  2. Oh yes, yes, please give us more!



  3. Ha! Sorry to disappoint, but my chainsaw days are about over with for the season... I'll be on my knees in the flower beds here in a week or two. I'm hoping anyway.

  4. I'm the only female in the house, Steven, but I guess a bit more basking won't hurt!

    1. I should be basking in surprise that the damn thing actually ran.

  5. Cool chainsaw :) I've come to realize that I'm not your typical girly-girl. I think tools and hardware stores are awesome :)

    However, I feel like I have to disagree with you about IPA. But, perhaps I just haven't found one I like yet. Any suggestions?

    Barbara Kingsolver's on my "To Read" list. Let me know what you think!

  6. LOL love the chick reference!! Life is good with a finally tuned chainsaw, a killer drink and book. I'm sure it's not easy to tune one of those things.


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