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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Something Else First ...

We're going to discuss my old man watching ... promise. But first ... let me ask you this ... 

     Have you ever been loading groceries into your car, quite convinced that you have the entire parking lot to yourself, and, bent over, head inside of your vehicle, released just a teency bit more than a teency bit of ... well ... gas? 

     And then, maybe, while you were gloating and relishing and arranging your canned goods in the seat so they wouldn't spill if slammed on the brakes later, did you by chance hear a young female voice behind you say, "Sir. Excuse me ... Sir." 

     And when you turned, was it the girl who bagged your items inside of the store standing there with a rather polite smile on her face, holding a bottle of conditioner she forgot to put into your cart?

     Was it? 

     Did you? 




     Oh. Okay. 

     Me neither.  


  1. OMG ... so funny, Steve ... :) Love, cat.

    1. ... by the way ... I wash my hair with conditioner ... and conditioner only ... meaning: conditioner, u hear me, Steve? ... no shampoo ... conditioner only ... lovely for long hair ... k, I'll shut up now ... just sayin, k? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  2. That darn conditioner will do it to you every time !

  3. Well... I know someone who had something similar, only the witness was his boss..... that was even a tiny bit more embarrassing.....
    still... so glad I wasn't you at that moment :)


  4. Haha! I've not had that happen yet, but one time I was working at the library, and there was no one around, and I let out a little burp. Then, I turn around and there's a patron who probably heard and now wants me to look up some materials for him -_-


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