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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out of the Blue Clear Sky

Yesterday evening I was bringing wood up to the house, mulling over my bills, my lack of finances to cover them, and how I could use a little side work to pad my checking account, when Mike Lloyd stops out in the road and asks if I have a ratchet strap.

          Behind his Explorer, Mike has a small trailer in tow, on top of which is the twenty-foot flagpole (keep in mind, I live in a secluded, rural area and you can do stupid things like this), that he has been saying he was going to steal for several weeks now. 
          No, Mike did not steal the flagpole. Miracle of miracles, it was given to him out of the blue. Problem was, all he had in the truck  at the time was two decrepit bunge cords to hold it down with. Apparently, he had been creeping from house to house in search of somebody home to lend him a couple of decent tie-downs.
          ‘Yes, I have a ratchet strap,’ I tell him, ‘pull back to the shop.’

          Well, no sooner does Mike get in the drive, but some truck I don’t recognize pulls in behind him. I’m on the passenger side of the vehicles, trying to keep senile Doggers from getting run over in the commotion. The truck stops, and I poke my head in the window to see who it is; what they want.

          It’s some guy from over at Jackie’s, I know, but don’t know.

          ‘Jackie tells me you build cabinets,’ he says.

          ‘Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.’

          ‘Well I need a few.’



                                                                               Now if only Cupid was as efficient as the Job Fairy.


  1. wait long enough and the world seems to fall to order. well, sometimes it falls to shit first, but sooner or later it sorts itself out. in the meantime, patience.


  2. Wow! Looks like things are working out pretty nicely :)

  3. let's make a deal. I give Cupid your address and you send me some magic from the Job Fairy. ok?

  4. so the trick is that you only need to mull over the idea.. and it happens... and not just one.. a "few"... Great!.

    I have some mulling to do.

  5. Things that make you go hmmmmm.......


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