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Monday, August 6, 2012

For those of you betting...

Four chickens left. Four.


  1. I think you oughta go ahead and make a "4-Chicken Casserole" and a "Three-Bean Salad!"


  2. I wasn't making book but I was wondering. If I had been making book I would have gone with the doom of whatever was getting the chickens based on your tone in your last report.
    With someone like SWMBO I don't have to worry. Her style is go after the M.F's then kill their entire family including the grandparents then burn everything in a mile radius then salt the earth. The poles with the heads of the perpetrators is the best touch.

  3. I have to agree with Red Shoes.
    If those chickens have to get killed anyway, better do it yourself and eat them :)

    you know... if you can't beat them, beat them, join them...



  4. "I think you oughta go ahead and make a "4-Chicken Casserole" and a "Three-Bean Salad!"""

    LMBO!! When do you want us over for supper?

    hugs to you Steve,I'm sure this is not what you was hoping for when you got them.


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