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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pre Road Kill

this little guy was in the road up from my house
yesterday morning.

Just standing there.

For reasons we are still trying to figure out, 
he let me pick him up (kind of),
and bring him home.

I thought he might have gotten into some poison...
as there don't seem to be an broken bones.

I doubted I'd be lucky enough to have him live through the day,
but when I returned home in the afternoon,
there he sat.

I have a friend who re-habs these birds...
she advised I give him food and water and see what happens...
that, and call the proper authorities.

Long story short...
I had the pleasure of feeding him four trapped mice from my hand. 

Not so pleasurable a day for my mouse population.
Bitchin' day for me.

Oh... and for those of you wanting to fine me, and others, for helping a sick animal...
stuff it up your ass.
I'm waiting for a call back from the nearest wildlife re-hab center.

Yes, mom, I washed my hands after.



  1. Lucky Beautiful Bird. He/She might not want to leave after several good meals. I think he found his new papa..

  2. How cool!!

    What is that? A Red-Tailed Hawk?

    All in all, I think you did a good deed!


  3. I don't understand how anyone can be fined for an act of mercy. Has this world gone insane???

  4. you're a wonderful kind of human:)

    and so the bird lives
    and the mice die

    and the man narrowly escapes jail for acts of humanity



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