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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On Spewing Chunks

So I found myself in bed again late last night with the remnants of a box of Kashi, Go-Lean Crunch, sort of a Granola meets Cracker Jacks—in a soy laden, peanutless kind of way—breakfast cereal. By remnants I mean a couple handfuls. I had fished out the choicer clusters and dusted my bed and bare chest with piddley nibbets and a fine, sticky powder, when it occurred to me that rather than reaching into the bag with my hand, more fork than spoon, I could simply remove the bag from the box and upend its contents into my mouth.


     Out comes the bag. I draw both ends tight to make the perfect chute and in the darkness, tilt.

     How the contents missed my tongue, I have no idea. But it did, making a clean leap directly into my esophagus. Rest assured, if not my brain, my gag reflex is in fine working order. Gawd. What a mess.

     Word to the wise.


  1. Glad you survived to tell the story... Hilarious!!!

  2. LMBO!!!

    That indeed IS spewing chunks!!!!



  3. Where's a camera when you need one|!! I'd loved to have seen that!

    ps......I often have bits of food in my hair....!

  4. Haha; awww...I'm sorry, Steven :P

    Glad you're okay!

  5. a moment of clarity - for you, yes, but mostly for you. i can see you now!


  6. don't you just hate when that happens... lol! but what am I laughing at when i know i have done some really lame stuff myself.


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