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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dinner at the Pope's and the Genius of Mormons.

So I got to eat dinner with eight, maybe nine, priests last night. Bret and I worked late, so they fed us. What were they going to do?

It’s funny; the guys who actually know their religion don’t readily discuss it, or even offer opinions on many things other than their favorite sporting events. While guys like Bret and another fellow who works there, John (for that matter, every layperson I’ve met there), come out of the gate swinging on all the hot issues. That’s all they do, all day, back and forth. I brought ear plugs.

I guess the priests have found their ‘purpose’ in life and learned that going around in circles over politics and what-not, with folks whose formal education was finalized by a GED they received by mail, is a waste of energy better spent in servitude. I wish I could transcribe some of these debates… goodness. Anyway, I know that fretting over such nonsense gives guys like Bret and John, the ‘purpose’ they need to feel fulfilled. So I let them rock.

It does bother me a teeny bit though, that it is guys like Bret and John: simple minds, easily heated to a boil, who are imposing their world on my world… and everybody else’s world. They’ll deny it… but they are.

I think the Mormons got it right, having their own State and all. We have fifty States. That should be enough to delegate one to every major religion, race and lifestyle. If not, we can split up a couple of the big ones. Then, everyone is free to do their own damn thing, in their own damn State: fix their own roads and open all the abortion clinics they want. If you go the way of the Shakers, so be it. We’ll sell your furniture and give some one else your property.

Just a thought. Or maybe it was the paint fumes.


  1. Every day I believe a little less in 'coincidence':
    Yesterday JC's bought the Qu'ran and the Bible: both in 1 book.
    So finally I'll have no more excuse to read it either :)

    I like that though, the fact that both religions are bound in 1 book...


  2. Churchy people and gangs of boys scare the hell out of me. Even more than SWMBO. The first because they usually make up the lynch mob and the burn at the stake crew. The second because their brains are in their gonads and the most hurtful, destructive things (even against themselves) seem to give them pleasure.
    Neither are any worse or than anyone else but when god or unbridled testosterone come into play the rules go out the window. Of course after the deeds are done remorse sets in but it's too late.
    I cluttered my mind with trying to understand various religions in my younger days but when I decluttered my mind of that trash I became a much happier person.
    Humans as a species don't seem to have any redeeming value as a whole but can be precious individually.

  3. Stephanie... Sweet, the Qur'an and Bible in one. The irony is almost worth the waste of trees.

    O.F., Males and religion, a volatile combination. Makes me embarassed sometimes to be of the sex. I did that same decluttering... it was Heaven... absolute bliss.


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