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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Right to (not) Vote

It’s voting time. I know this only because I was stuck in a truck with Bret every day this past week, to and from the job. I don’t vote. It’s not because I’m making a statement or anything, it’s because I forget that there is a big, weird World out there.

And what a World… Why does everyone have to be the “…wacko lefties…” or the “oppressive right-wingers”? Somewhere, not far behind that name calling, there is a fist clenched, people, a mob with a rope.

Oh well. They’ll never change.

Anyway… I am back up on the Mountain for a while.


  1. The problem with voting is that most people are not totally uninformed. They are informed by twenty somethings no nothing personalities reading a script on TV. Those are bought by those who vote to their advantage regardless of the consequences regarding fairness or freedom. I am only informed enough now to know what I don't like so I will vote against that/those. I really believe it will not make one whit of difference but it is nice little bike ride and it's supposed to be a nice day. The library is right next door so there is something positive about it.
    I have isolated myself from politics for a month now except for a couple of "Daily Shows" with Jon Stewart. That's enough to tell me it's still a clown show. I think I going in the direction SWMBO has taken and that is to have nothing to do with it but complain about the results.

  2. O.F., It's the pettiness that kills me. And I wouldn't even be mentioning it, if I hadn't been subjected to it all week... in a church no less.

    Of course, the majority of my conversations are with a dog and a cat, so my observations are fairly worthless in the grand scheme, but it seems that everyone (down there) has the right to their own opinion... until they express it. This voting thing doesn't seem very pro-humanity... it's fuel on a fire. Nobody ever votes for what is good for the whole.

    The world has changed so very little. There have always been hermits up on hills saying, "It doesn't have to be that way." And it just goes on that way. Anyway...

    Enjoy that bike ride.

  3. what are you voting for? I mean what kind of elections? local stuff?

  4. Stephanie...

    I'm a bad one to ask. From the looks of it, we (they) are voting for about everything but the President. The biggest issue probably being control of the Senate.


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