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Monday, October 25, 2010

Leaks, Tube Socks, Albino Monkies and Nails


So the rain finally came and I got to test my leak. I have a metal roof on my little house that started leaking the moment I got drywall up. Long story, but, I didn’t put the roof on… not saying that that would have helped or anything. Who knows.

Anyway… I either half-assed or flat out ignored the leak for what? Ten years? And yes, its jacked my ceiling up a bit. But I finally resolved to fix it proper, late this summer. And, as of this morning, we seem to be shedding water. It was a fickle leak though, on again, off again, so we’ll see. Then maybe another ten years and I’ll patch the drywall.

had to buy some boot socks. Mostly because my boots were chaffing my massive calf muscles. But Wal-Mart only had tube socks, which, I think are exactly the same thing. No, not the 70’s style tube socks with the athletic stripes at the tops, just plain white with gray toes. But I’m looking at them thinking, ‘I could seriously make an albino sock monkey out of these guys.’ No really. Who in there right mind wouldn't want an albino sock monkey? But there’s no mouth. Dilemma.

Speaking of Wal-Mart. Who’s the marketing genius behind Faded Glory underwear for men?

I got some more work done on the sawmill shed. A rafter fell on my melon. Wow. Shortly there after though, I was admiring my resourcefulness: how I made the lumber and built the shed all by myself. Really, everything but the concrete and nails, I made.

'Nails? Maybe I could make my own nails.'

I've always wanted to have a, Ye Ol’ Blacksmith Shoppe: bellows and anvils, and a leather apron and big hammers... oh and tongs. Then I got to thinking about where I would get steel from and all that stuff, la, la, la…

But really, you always hear or read about the village blacksmith. But, Pip never tells us where good ol’ Joe was procuring his steel from. Where was Britain’s Pittsburgh back then? Where were they mining the ore? Smelting it? This is historical trivia I need to know! 


Paint. Paint, paint, paint.


  1. my grandmother often recited the poem that began "Under the spreading chestnut tree, the village smithy stands, the smith a mighty man is he with large and sinewy hands..." she was forever reciting.. and singing, and playing the piano, .. I wish I had known her when she was young... gone now...

    sorry about your head.. when we were building the addition at the studio one of the 12" rafters fell and smashed the saw.. saved lots of money there doing it ourselves.. haha.. can't help it, I know we will do it ourselves again though, if we need to.. hard to trust if other people will do it the way you want besides it costs too much..

    ...loved the Albino sock monkey ideas.. maybe you could paint on a mouth.. if you do it..

    ... Like your thinking...

  2. Having lived on a boat for some years roof leaks don't disturb me at all. In fact they don't count unless they are over drywall...or the bed.

    My feet and ankles are not shaped like tube socks so their only use is for puppets or to keep quarters in.
    I really don't like shoes and socks (spoken like a true Arkansan) so I only wear them when it's cold. This last year I did business with "Sock Dreams" out of Portland, Ore. Store bought socks for men are unimaginative and boring.

    I have made nails and its a pain. No two were alike but I'll bet they are still holding together what I used them for. You need a nail header if you want consistency.

    I have the anvil, big hammers, tongs, punches, hardie, other assorted tools and leather apron. The apron is actually chaps. That and all the tools are left over from shoeing horses. I need parts for the forge and some blacksmith coal. I'll make my other tools when I get the forge together. I'm making hand bellows and currently looking for a cheap substitute for leather. A thrift store hair dryer will work for air supply but it's not my first choice.
    Any car will supply steel of all sorts. Usually best if it's your car. Or not. Old horse shoes are a good source of mild steel. Most towns of any size have a metal supply house.
    Don't get started at this as it is addicting. Take it from one who knows.

    By the way I truly dislike painting. I'd seriously rather take a beating.

    Wish I had a Japanese saw.

  3. ... forgot to mention... I hate tube socks with a passion..

  4. I for one would LOVE an albino sock monkey! :D

  5. O.F., I certainly don't need another hobby, hence I hire my smithing out. I would like the shop though... and a smoke house, a huge barn, a bridge... and oh! a treehouse.

    I beat socks to death. Mine need to be disposable.

    Emmy... I'll get to work on that monkey. Might be a good snowed in project for this winter.

    Gwen... I had a Grandmother I wish I had been around more as well, or at least knew more about. I'm slowly gleaning second hand stories from my parents about her. All of them delightful.

    I do everything myself as well. Even when I do it incorrectly, it's better than most contractors around here would do it.

  6. P.S. Thanks for the nail info Old Fool... I'd like to do it once, just to say I did. I figured it'd be pretty tedious.

  7. Steven, if you send me a pattern, I could attempt to make my own sock monkey, and that would be a lot of fun :) I love to do art projects!

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