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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wind, Books, Another Different Book, Squirrels and Nuts

It’s windy. I don’t like the Wind. I don’t trust the Wind. I trust the Rain and even the Lightning, who tried to blow up my house. But I don’t trust the Wind. It’s like the big, retarded kid who came to my church when I was little... it wants to play, but doesn’t know its own strength. I miss that kid. I guess I'd probably miss the wind too, if it where gone forever.

But! I love, love, love getting books in the mail! I ordered four. Barnes and Noble's used books on line… the best, and please don’t inform me otherwise, because I don’t want to know.

I got some more kid’s books to help me with ‘Sarah Abigail’… ‘James and the Giant Peach’, ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall’, ‘When You Reach Me’ and ‘The (mostly) True Adventures of Homer P. Figg’. ‘James and the Giant Peach’ is up first. Not quite as heady as the Qur’an, I know.

Speaking of books… I’ve also been reading ‘Great Expectations’… for like the past eight months. I read it in high school. I couldn’t get past the grammar… the pomp and wordiness. I have the same problem with about anything written before 1910.

Since my brain translates everything into images, it makes reading even modern literature tediously slow, but that old school stuff is nearly impossible... picking through all that fluff just to see who’s standing in a room. Anyway, despite only being able to read about ten pages at a go, I love it. It’s much better this time around.


Nothing real exciting at the paint job.  Unless of course you consider... maybe... the huge Pecan trees, who were handing out free pecans by the bucketfull, and the gazillion new squirrel buddies I made exciting… which I do.


  1. I love your wording and phrases, especially "the huge Pecan trees, who where handing out free pecans by the bucketfull". Sounds like you are having a wonderful day; getting new books is always great! James and the Giant Peach is one of my favorites from childhood. I really should reread it...

  2. Funny how we sort of miss things that tortured us... or does our mind go back to them because we are still puzzled by the experience...
    When you mentioned the Wind.. I remember asking the locals when we first moved here, as my ears were hurting from it, "Is it always Windy here?".. you know what they said.. "yeah but you'll really appreciate it in the summer cause it blows all the mosquitos away"!!!!!!!!

    I think in pictures too... never remember a persons name but never forget their face... never forget a voice either... I listen to online audiobooks (Librivox.org) when I work.. lots of Dickens there; and tons more that are in the public domain.. listened to "Bleak House" and "Oliver Twist" not too long ago.. I used to listen to the radio but it is too dumbed down ... i don't know who is thinking? up their stuff now but it is very sorry...

    I haven't seen any squirrels around for quite a while.. just the bluejays and crows cleaning out the feeders like there was no tomorrow...

    What are you painting?

  3. Yes Emmy, a wonderful day it is indeed.

    Gwen...I have bluejays and crows galore too. What's with those guys? The bluejays are always chasing the crows. Then the crows chase the hawks. Crazy birds.

    We are painting (and trimming out)a huge church kitchen and dining hall. Another job for the Pope.

    Thanks for the audio books on line link. I'll check it out.

  4. You're welcome.. you know ever since medieval times the popes always got the good artisans... take care


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