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Sunday, October 31, 2010

French Toast, Shed, Shingles, Laps

This morning we had French Toast.
I did anyway.
Doggers had French Dog Feed.
It was cold out.
Delmar came in. 
But he licked the butter.


Here is the sawmill shed now...

I have been double dirty dog dared to put shingles on the roof...
as opposed to steel.
No, not asphalt...
Wood shingles.
That I rive.
By hand.

Looks like I need to slap together a shave horse.   

Speaking of double and dirty...

You can't sit down for a minute around here...

Without everbody climbing into your lap.


Mines not big enough.


  1. Hello, Doggers and Delmar! ^_^

    Mmmm.....French toast sounds so yummy right now....

  2. Here I go again...

    ... what's french toast?


  3. ok, I looked it up.
    In french they call it 'lost bread' or also 'won bread', because they used old bread for it which otherwise wouldn't be eaten any more.
    In dutch ... it's a bit difficult to translate... 'twist-bitches' (twist because you have to turn it around. Bitch, like the female dog but no idea why)

    Years since I've eaten 'french toast'.
    Now I want some too!


  4. Stephanie...
    I knew the moment that I wrote it...
    Basically it is a slice of bread, battered with egg and fried, served with syrup and butter. There are countless variations, all of them delicious...though I don't know how French they actually are.

  5. Just had some the other night for supper.. sort of a comfort food!!!

    Your structure is looking great.. and ohhh oak shingles on the roof.. what a palace this will be !!!

  6. Beautiful joints and beautiful animals.

  7. Thanks, Northmark... No Japanese saws used on those joints, sorry. As for my children, that's about all they are... beautiful. Not the workers you raised.


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