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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Empty House


So, I found a place that wanted some of my furniture... the normal stuff. 
This is a good thing.
It will be a better thing if the lady who owns the place can actually sell my furniture.
She seems to think she can.
It's a start.
But here's the problem...
Now I don't have a kitchen table...
any table at all.
But since most of my meals consist of yogurt in a bowl
I'm dealing.
It's just harder to eat and read at the same time without a table.
I also don't have a bed.
I have a mattress, just no bed....
which I don't mind so much... 
Now my mattress is on the floor...
closer to the ground...
and look at this...

That's right Goldilocks...
Which one of the two bears is supposed to be sleeping on this bed...

not this one?

That's one big bedbug.


  1. Doggers is such a princess. I love him so.

    Oliver sleeps with me, what's the big deal!?

  2. Furniture? Don't need no stinkin' furniture.
    Got roof, everything else is luxury.

  3. Oh Steven, I've been living without a kitchen for months now and will be for some more time...
    You get used to it :)

    (but not really)

  4. yep, My futon was on the floor for years.. all that firmness, they say, is good for the back.. and hey that looks like a quilt the big pup is snoozing on.. so they make quilts down your way.. is that a common thing? it is here...

  5. Gwen...

    That is a quilt, but not in your sense of the word. It's store bought. My good ones are stored away.

    They do make quilts down here. I don't know how common it is. A friend of mine, his mother still has quilting bee's. But she doesn't hand stitch so much any more... she has an enormous machine do the tedious stuff.

    Nothing I've seen down here has compaired though, to the red and white quilt you made and posted pictures of.

  6. Thank-you, I really enjoyed making it..


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