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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Great is it...

...to sleep in until 6:30 and find out it is only 5:30?

So yesterday, I wrote and wrote.
Then I worked on my shingle machine while I waited for Denny to get Garth Brooks tickets.
Then he and I went to Chuck and Sherry’s and cut down a tree that was going to squash their house someday.
We pulled it and pushed it and cut a notch in it and it didn’t fall on the house at all.
But the tree’s boyfriend caught it...
 like a Love story.
So we cut him down too.
And both of them fell right on the brush pile...
Like the end of a sad sad Love story.
But I didn't cry
because Lumberjacks don't do that kind of thing...
around other Lumberjacks anyway. 
And today...
(if I’m lucky),
(which I most always am)
I’ll get to have oilless deep fried turkey.
Which might be a Love story for someone.
The End.

oh... and I caught a baby bat.


  1. A love story involving trees never ends well, in my experience...which extends no further than this post.

    Bats, gross.
    Why don't you ever catch fluffy things?

  2. Hugs for my fellow lumberjack! What a sad but beautiful love story.


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