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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Think: Spring Chicken

That’s my thought for today. I have twenty some odd logs to saw up and I will need all the spring chicken that I can muster.

Also, I think I’ve conclude (just this morning) that I’m no longer interested in the Truth; only the Possibilities. I mean, isn’t there only supposed to be one Truth? Bore. Ing. Possibilities however, are endless. I’m all about that. In fact, possibly could possibly be my new favorite word.

Anyway, I would highly recommend an oilless deep fryer for your Thanksgiving turkey. And I would also highly recommend that you let Sherry make your stuffing. Yum!


  1. This is possibly the best train of thought I have heard all day... keep on chugging..

  2. Is it a possibility that you really liked my stuffing? The "dressing" as I like to call it was a little dry to my liking. The turkey was very very good.

    If I had known that it was possible that you really liked my stuffing...I would have sent more home with you yesterday. The possibilities would have been endless. Stuffing, stuffing shrimp, stuffing bbq, stuffing chicken, stuffing soup.....

    Yuk. I just grossed myself out. Think I will quit now. The possibility of me hurling is great at the moment. ;)


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