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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks to Axelle Red... and Stephanie

Doggers and I are going to become Gypsy Kings and wear leather breeches and hoop earrings.
We’re going to build a wagon with shingles and a smoke stack and a honeybee, and hook it to a mule named Marcus Aurelius and travel from one end of the farm to the other...then back.
We’re going to camp out under full moons, new moons, blue moons and harvest moons.
We’re going to build bonfires and play mandolins with curly headstocks, and sing and dance like dust devils.
We’re going to make two Gypsy Queens out of smoke and starshine, and the four of us will see more of the World than has ever been seen.
We’re going to eat nothing but yogurt and raisins and peaches all year, and honey from bees in a tree.
We’ll laugh and we’ll stomp and we’ll never come home because home is right where we’ll be.

But not Delmar.

Delmar licked the butter.


  1. What a wonderful story (with a surprise twist that I did not see coming)! I hope you and Doggers have a wonderful life as Gypsy kings, but please don't forget to find a computer every once in a while so that we can all hear about your amazing adventures!

    Sometimes, I think it would be fun to just quit school and travel the world. But, there's going to be plenty of time for that after I graduate.....But still, I often think about it.

  2. Emmy... Delmar will be grounded quite a while for licking the butter. Now Doggers is afraid to get his ear pierced and I can't get a scarf to stay on his head.

  3. All that thanks to Axelle... and me?

  4. That is such an adorable story... Cats love licking butter..They can't help it.. it's as natural as night following day...

    I remember how many times when I was a kid that we either caught one at it or saw the tell tale distincive, taste-bud, licking pattern left there...

    we never had real butter much but when we did (probably Christmas time) and nobody was looking, I used to sneak in the fridge and break a piece of butter off and hold that in my mouth for as long as I could make it last..

  5. Gwen...I did't know cats were notorious for licking butter. Odd though, Delmar won't eat yogurt.

    Eating butter solo must be a girl thing... my sister did that too. My butter has to be accompanied.

    Oh, and thanks.


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