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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baker's Ray-Gun Mouth

Baker got into a cat fight and then disappeared for two days, and apparently didn't eat even a mouse the whole while, because when he came home he was starved and ate so fast and furiously that bits of his feed were shooting out of his mouth like sparks from one of those Japanese ray guns you used to be able to get when I was a kid. Those guns were cool.

I wish there was an app for sparks. My phone needs sparks.         


  1. Mine wandered off yesterday as well. Been checking the shelter page to see if he turns up there, but no sign.

    Those guns were cool!

  2. Fukkenkatz.com...

    Having said that, those Ray Guns WERE a great deal of fun!!!!

    I want one!!!


  3. Sillyone... Sorry to hear that about your cat. I've had a couple wander off. Boys. Sigh.

    Shoes... You can get those ray guns, but not for a buck, like back in the good-old-days.

    Was it the guns, or sparks? My dad used to have several of those ignitors for propane soldering torches... kind of like tongs with a cap on the end that you squeeze and it makes sparks in the cap... assuming you have no idea what I'm talking about... anyway I squeezed the sparks out of a couple of those before he locked them up. Maybe it's because I'm borderline Neanderthal. Oooooooo... fire.

    1. I think it was the combination of the cool paint job on the gun AND the sparks!

      Strikers! I know exactly what you are talking about! One can even get replacement flints for them. They provided a great deal of entertainment, but not as much as the metal zap guns... especially when one would pull his cover over his head so he could really see the sparks!!!


  4. Silly cat doing silly kitty boy stuff. Snip him and he'll be more likely to stay home! I love fire and sparks =)

  5. no scissors big enough for repairing any boy nature.

    (you are so funny. is that too boring to write in that straight forward way?)



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