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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Compassion and Karen Armstrong

I have always loathed DIY self-improvement books. Not saying that some of their nauseatingly flowery or over-zealous rhetoric hasn’t done some people, some good. But, I think the flood of neighborly advice in the past three decades has pulled so many people in so many different directions, that the greater bulk of society has lost sight of who and what they are as humans, and what we are and can, and should be as humane beings.

Needless to say, it would take one hell of a speaker to convince me that it wouldn’t be a waste of twenty dollars and a weekend, buying and reading their life-bettering tome. 
    Karen Armstrong had what it took, and were she to ask, I wouldn't hesitate to lay down my nets and follow her. She is that rare.

   If you haven’t already, let me recommend that you read her latest book, ‘Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life’. It will add tenfold to your creed, whatever it may be... and hopefully, in due time, erase the word loathe from my vocabulary.


  1. That sounds wonderful, Steven. I might have to check out her book now. I usually don't read self-help books either, but you have caught my attention wtih this one.


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