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Thursday, January 20, 2011

On New Fonts and Faces Lifts

I think it sucks that I... or men like me... can't tell a young lady or a woman... that she is absolutely adorable or beautiful without having to worry that she's thinking I/we are hitting on her... or worse. 

Let me state for the court that I have spent so many hours in school, in front of nude figures... male and female... drawing,  that long before any libido kicks in, I am either sketching you, or converting you into poetry or prose. I'm funny that way. Funny ha ha. 

So, since I can't  tell girls (by girls, I mean women in their twenties) that they're adorable, I'm going to say, that if I were in kindergarten, this is the girl I would want for my teacher...

My Photo

This is Chess.
Many of you here already know her.
Many of you already know that Chess is an angel,
and a newly graduated Lit. Chick.
I've 'known' Chess a year or so. 
She has the very first blog that I followed...
'Chester the Best-er'.
If you're new to blogging, and  looking for a first blog to follow... 
I recommend that you follow Chess's.

Besides wanting to tell Chess how adorable (oops) she is in her new blog pictures,
I wanted to tell you that Chess has given her blog a face lift.

You see her smile?
That's what her whole blog looks like now.
And the font...
Chess has the happiest font ever.

You know how big-voice radio guys like to talk,
just to hear their own voice...
I want to go over to Chess's new blog and comment all the time,
just to see myself talk in her new font.
It's that cool.
Go see for yourself. 



  1. Oh Steven, thank you. You have put the biggest, happiest smile on my face right now! I wish everyone I know in real life was as kind and sincere as you always are to me. My little blog's circle of friends certainly needed you, and I'm so glad you came along to help complete it!

  2. Steven,

    You're a doll! So sweet of you to post all these wonderful things about our Chessie! She really is a darling!


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