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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bugs and Commisions

A rather demanding, midnight number two and morning clouds in my head, have led me to believe that I have a bug of some sort. Fortunately, bugs don’t fair well in my stomach. Too much yogurt, I suppose.

But it's got me trying to remember the last time I was sick. Not sick, sick. Just, blah sick, like this. I can’t remember. Maybe blah sick doesn’t make enough of an impression on me to be remembered.

I know that it’s been years since I was the laid-up kind of sick though... with the flu and all of its glorious green goop. I imagine it has something to do with my being out in public a bit more back then. People tend to make me sick.

Anyway, I’ve been working on my latest commission, too, hence the lack of posts. I tend to immerse myself. (This would be one of the reasons that chicks don’t dig me.)

I know that the word commission sounds like it involves a lot of money, but trust me; in this case it doesn’t. I’m looking at the fringe benefits: the possibility of more commissions and, well, just having an s-pile of fun. Seriously, this is a really cool job. I’d probably do it for free.

I’m converting an old upright piano into a computer desk.

Trust me; I’m doing this piano a favor.

I’ve had to gut the piano, which gets you pretty intimate with how they’re assembled. And from a furniture building standpoint, you can’t beat the craftsmanship of a musical instrument. It’s an absolute joy unearthing all of the old-school details: the lack of nails, the precision joinery and beautiful veneers, let alone the mechanics involved in creating the sound.

But then... I get to put it all back together... as something slightly different, but still with the same (although modified) pieces: moldings and panels and columns. This seriously rocks! I can’t wait to post the results. It’s going to out-do the Altar. Heck, I bet the Pope orders a piano computer desk when I get done.

Anyway, there’s an update…. with germs… so don’t forget to Purell or Germ-X or whatever.


  1. hey let the germs roam free, I don't use any of that anti septic stuff.. can't build up immunity that way. just good ol dirt anytime..

    ..A form of Bricolage, maybe!!

    ...a few years ago, I had my piano (originally my grandmothers) reconditioned.... well I was totally blown away by the steps involved.. they laid it on its side and took the whole piano apart in the middle of my living room... the keys lying in a long line in front of the window... I love the structure of that instrument... the gorgeous scroll lettering on the cast iron soundboard and the million pieces.. it was an education in itself...

    I can't wait to see your pianos transformation... and hope you feel back to normal soon..

  2. Pictures or it ain't happening. I want to see it. If I don't I'll hold my breath until I turn blue.

  3. The very next thing I looked at was this.



  4. I agree with the Oldfool.
    Pictures pleaaaaaase.
    cause I can hold my breath only for like 4 seconds


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