If I am repaired, can we meet again for the first time, in all of the places I have feared to go, and then, again, in all of the places I will have forgotten, if I am repaired?



Saturday, December 25, 2010


You know how, when the power goes out early in the day, and you throw a bit more wood on the fire and draw back a curtain and curl up in your favorite corner of the couch and pull something your grandmother knit up over your legs, and just sit and read in the warm sunlight that streams through the frosted glass.

And how, as you read, you begin to relish the romance of the situation: the old-world charm, as it were, the peace and quiet, and forget how you arrived to the luxuriant state you are in, and think, My, a cup of coffee would be absolute heaven right now.

And how, it's not until after you’ve marked your page, uncurled your legs and ventured the tips of one set of toes back into their slippers that you remember… “Shit! The power's out.”

A similar cycle of forgetting and remembering will go on all day for me today.

At least two dozen times in the next ten hours I will think it the perfect time to drive into Home Depot or Wal-Mart or the Feed Store or Cracker Barrel and then I'll remember… Christmas.

Because, after all... it is.

And everything is close.

As it should be. 

Merry Christmas. 



    Happy Holidays,
    The Butts

  2. You've got a wood stove so make coffee.
    I refuse to let the power company do more than inconvenience me. Electricity is a luxury, coffee is a necessity.

  3. Merry Christmas, Steven! Enjoy your book :)

    Don't let the power-outage get you down; its Christmas....Enjoy yourself :)

    (P.S. Merry Christmas to Doggers and Delmar and Gloria, too!)

  4. I agree with OF, and climb quickly back under that afghan before the sun moves too far from shining on your spot. and then Perfection... ahhhh. take care...


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