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Monday, December 27, 2010


I have eaten more cheese and processed sugar in the past two days, than I have in the past ten years.

Jackie—the local land, lumber and steel-roofing magnate—charitably brought me his surplus food gifts, (which I presume were the remnants of the annual baskets dumped on him by brown-nosed sales-reps and what-not) mostly cheese and a stick of beef sausage.

I kid you not; seven, hefty chunks of cheese. Fairly good cheese, too.

I’m guessing that any cheese, gifted to Jackie, other than ‘Pepperjack’—a pronounceable and provincial favorite—or that isn’t offered on the local, ‘Subway’ menu, is destined for the doorsteps of the ‘fruitcake from California’. “Steve’ll probably eat this foreign crap!”

(God only knows, it was probably all made by drunkards in Wisconsin. I’ve heard the stories.)

Anyway, it was appreciated far more than I let on. And, with the advent of vacuum packaging, I should be good now, on fat-saturated dairy, for the next two or three years.

The assortment of Christmas cookies that Bret’s wife Nadja bakes and has Bret deliver to me every year, didn’t fair so well. They were devoured within an hour after arrival.

I swear; I don’t understand how Bret continues to profess that perfection is not humanly attainable after eating them. Seriously, had Nadja been baking cookies two thousand years ago, there would have been no gold, frankincense and myrrh.   

Fortunately, my metabolism is such that any retention I experience from said sugar-dairy binge is resolved with a heavy dose of fiber. But then I suppose that is a bit too much information.

Live well and eat well my children, for some day, you will most assuredly die.


  1. I appeased the food gods these past three days by sacrificing much innocent food and drink . Now I'm paying for my sins. I keep telling myself that the cold will cause me to burn it off but I know that is bullshit.
    Cheese is a weakness of mine so of course I can only have enough to tease my taste buds and never enough to want to stop eating it.

  2. I think I might have "overdosed" a bit on food at the family holiday meal. But, I couldn't help it; my aunt's vegetable casserole is right up there with Nadja's cookies in terms of taste! Can you imagine the three wisemen bearing those gifts? Cheese, cookies, and casserole? That would have been quite the delicious Christmas :)

  3. O.F., It is bull shit. Cutting some firewood might help a tad though. I'll send a brick o' cheese your way... any preference?


    Maybe that's what they started out with and ate everything by the time they hit town and had to buy some quick replacements.

  4. this isn't about cheese but didn't I see farther back on an earlier post that you mentioned something about going on stage.. did you belong to a band and what did you play, sing etc.. when was it and what was it called.. yes I know , looks like 40 questions, but if you would rather not say that's ok . your choice, cause you have Freedom don't you know.. and lots of cheese... Take care


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