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Friday, December 10, 2010

Manatee and Piano Update

Thought I'd let you see the piano...
and my Manatee...

The piano...

I'm guessing that we all know to click on the pictures to enlarge? Mom?

Slowly, but surely, I progress.


  1. Wonderful! I can't wait to see when its all done ;) And I loved your manatee :P

  2. I would like to inform you that your manatee is an impersonator from the famous but illusive band of roving gypsy cat manatee impersonators. They are known around the world and wanted in nearly every county. They avoid some areas due to being eaten there. Although they may seem to be domesticated they are not. Never hire one to guard your fish. They cannot be trusted.

  3. HA! That explains the cauliflower ear!

  4. Humor and beauty... ah... so the story goes that you cannot trust manatees.. maybe it's just a rumor...

    The transformation is becoming very impressive.. beautiful work in the shaping of the 2 center supports.

    I do believe a king would enjoy sitting at this new desk...

  5. wow steven... wow!

    your first piano-picture made me laugh.
    The cans of paint in the background... they really are ordered as if in a fancy shop :)))
    I need you to come do some cleaning in my house, urently!


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