If I am repaired, can we meet again for the first time, in all of the places I have feared to go, and then, again, in all of the places I will have forgotten, if I am repaired?



Saturday, December 4, 2010

NOOK, the Road and Breakfast with the Masons

‘I don’t want to wade through your stupid electronic NOOK books when I’m on line shopping for REAL books… EVER! I don’t even want the word NOOK mentioned anywhere in my shopping experience!’

That’s what I told Barnes & Noble, that of course, and, ‘Merry Christmas.’

Anyway, I was thinking, while watching Dog wander up the road, which I had pleaded with him to stay off of, (he’s his own dog, you know), how, I love that dog so very, very much. Yet he’s so careless and just trots off where he could get squished by a bonafide, reckless hillbilly navigating some hodgepodge of Detroit’s glory-days. He must know how my heart would break if he was run over. That I wouldn’t have a friend in the whole wide world left, except for Delmar, who doesn’t really count, because he told me he just hangs around for the feed. Besides, a cat’s days are always number during winter here in Coyoteville.

Then I thought of all the roads that I’ve crossed in my life, or wandered down, ignoring the pleas and cries at my back to return—to be careful.

Really, we’re not so different, this dog and I.

I will go and scoop up his broken bones and bring him back home. And I’ll nurse him or bury him one, just like they’ve done me so many times. Either way, he’ll loose a life out there. You always do. I’ve lost dozens and only cross the road these days for the mail.

And now I’m supposed to go to a breakfast, hosted by the local Mason Lodge—a rare public appearance—a meet-and-greet if you will, for the sake of the business. This effort to assimilate is rather like holding your breath and diving into the ocean to try and become a fish for an hour or so. It certainly produces the same results in me. Anyway, I’m taking my own eggs.


  1. I was out in public three times this last week and I am exhausted. I looked forward to it but as usual couldn't wait until I could be out to sight. I hope to not have to deal with another human directly today. it's just too much work.

  2. Hah you two, do you realize we're all three in front of our pc at the same moment?

    Steven, let's switch roles, I go to the breakfast thing and you clean my house. I'm better at eating breakfast and you're better at cleaning. Deal?

    I'm the one who always has listened and stayed away from crossing roads... and I can tell you... you die all the same, on the inside.

    And em... what's NOOK...?


  3. omg.. did I write that.. no, I can't write that well.. but you said what I think.. the whole darn thing, I just don't have any chickens now.

  4. Stephanie...

    NOOK is Barnes & Nobles' (a book store)version of Kindle... electronic books you buy and download... the mark-of-the-beast for the traditional book whores such as myself.

    And... I do suppose it is better to have loved a life and lost it than to have never lived at all.

  5. Steven, even though there are dangers out there, isn't it worth it to explore them sometimes? Or to face them head on? A book for your reading list if you've not already read it: Don Quixote by Cervantes. It's my grandpa's personal favorite, and he instilled a love of it in me.

  6. Gwen...

    Ha! I'll be happy to send you some eggs!

    My girls are out and about today... a rare treat for their destructive little feet. Fortunately they never venture too close to the road... which, in the case of my home, is truly the road less traveled.

  7. Emmy...

    Don Quixote is under the belt... but thank you none the less. I'm doing some traveling with Mr. Kipling these days though... wondrous. In time, my dear, I might post the adventures I have subjected myself too. Let it suffice to say, for now, that I have pushed the nine-life envelope far as I dare and am gladly passing the baton to you now... Run with it!

  8. O.F.,

    Grin and bare it... no? Rather like a tooth extraction... sans whiskey.

  9. Sigh.
    Your posts make me feel more introspective than I prefer.

    Can't we please stick to rainbows and unicorns for a little while?

    I kid, of course. Your writing is beautiful.

  10. "I'm doing some traveling with Mr. Kipling"

    Kipling was a member of the Freemasons. Just so you know.


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