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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Word and Better Ideas

So, this word was sent to me via one of the two word-a-day services I subscribe to:

          liminal \LIM-uh-nl\, adjective:  relating to the point beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced.

Funny; spell-check has it underlined, hmmmmm. Anyway, it’s probably me, but this word—at least the definition—gives me the creeps. In a good way, but still…

Words rock.

Why is it that everyone that drops in—and there are way too many people dropping in these days, none of which or whom (Chess, Emmy?) have autism and breasts—wants to suggest what I should be doing to make money, as opposed to what I already do, which clearly is a labor of love.

For example: I should be carving gunstocks. There’s big money in carving gunstocks.

Hey, it still involves wood.

Yes and gun owners make me nervous, and for that matter I could be carving ten thousand, semi-duplicate Santa Clauses every Christmas. There’s big money in monotony. Just ask the Industrial revolution.

Working with wood is not necessarily woodworking, and, in general, is a far stretch from furniture building and design.

Oh, and then…

“You need to write 50 word children’s books. Not Children’s novels. There’s big money in those little books.”

Yes, and they are a dime a dozen and how many of them are ever made in to movies? Which, really, is where the BIG money is and the only place large enough to contain my ego.

Maybe it’s a vicarious thing. Maybe I need to put a chain across the drive.

That would be my luck. I’d string a log chain across the drive the day the G.R.A.S.P. bus was overheating and looking for a quaint farm to refresh its reservoirs.

Oh the burdens I bare.


  1. I relate .. everybody is a critic and an advisor whether they know anything about what they are talking about or not... and they mostly think they are helping in some strange way... and we find ourselves smiling dumbly, biting our tongue and waiting for them to leave then desperately figuring how we can make this not happen again...

    most folks... just ... don't... get... it.

    ...as to the driveway.. we have relented to putting logs across it many times but they drive right over them.. or when we put bigger more obvious ones there, they park their car and walk up the rest of the 1,000 ft hill.. they are determined in their thoughtfulness.. haha.. really though it is nothing to laugh at.. I think they are all looking to be entertained.. a lot of people have nothing to do and it drives me up the wall.

    yep... you hit a nerve.

    I'm wishing you some Peace and Quiet.

  2. Steven,

    Thank you for asking for my grammar advice :P I believe the proper term in this situation would be "whom," since you're talking about people. If it were objects, you would use "which". ;)

    And, Steven...always do what you love. Honestly, what does money matter in the end? Don't compromise yourself and what you care about.

  3. You don't have a locked gate? I want a high double fence with wolves between and a moat with alligators. I don't need it I just want it. The only time anyone comes here is when they want something.

    Regular people are sometimes jealous when they happen to notice someone else is doing what they like.
    My life rule is "do what I like if anything comes of it then good if not then oh well". Doing what I liked sometimes made enough to live on and sometimes not but I can't say I was ever unhappy about not having a net gain.

    The most artful thing I have done with wood is make it into small enough pieces to fit in the stove. When I look around at some of the other things I've made I sometimes think I should put them into the stove.

  4. I'd say it's funny, but it's not... a good portion of the reason I am single is because the women I have courted in my past were not much more than curious observers. I felt like a zoo exhibit. Oh for another Baboon in this cage!

    No, I don't have chains or logs or a moat infested with alligators. I have relied... up till now... on my weirdness, to keep the norm at bay. Alas, there a freak show will always (eventually) draw a crowd. I don't mind being on stage one night or so a month, but day after day? I get cranky.


    One of these days I'll have to get you to explain the whole 'that for 'who' thing... as in: 'There are people that...' as opposed to 'There are people who...'

    I have read through two editions of the Bedford Handbook at least a half-dozen times and nothing sticks... same as when I was in school. Aggravating it is.


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