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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Year's Worth, I Remembered the Battery, and a Cliff Hanger

In seven days I will have one year’s worth of journal on this hard drive.

Why does that not seem possible?

I wonder if I’ve said anything worth remembering this year.

I’m sure as hell not going back and reading through it all just to see.

Then why am I writing it?

I’d say it’s an exercise.

It’s supposed to be. Isn’t it? Warm ups, for the real deal?

Yeah, right.

I want some Ted Hughes-ish cat to weed through all of my whining nonsense, like Sylvia Plath’s, and drudge up enough brilliance to print posthumously… Maybe a business card or something.

Anyway… after buying a new battery for my big lawn mower every spring for the past six year because I can’t seem to remember to disconnect it and put it in the shop, over winter, where it won’t freeze. I did it. I remembered. Not the first, second or third time that I looked at the mower, when it was still warm and springy out, and said, “Don’t go and forget that battery this year, stupid!” Oh no, I had to wait until it was ten degrees outside and the wind was blowing fifty miles an hour and it was snowing sideways and I was already half-frozen, trying to get a heat-lamp out to the poor chickens,(another bit of procrastination). But! The battery is in the damn shop!

Oh, and those Mexican guys I wrote about a couple of posts back... the ones dicking around with the tobacco across the road. Their van is hanging on to the cliff edge, just below my pond… the very cliff edge that I have wondered what it would be like to slide off of the icy road and over. I think a tree is holding their van from tumbling the remaining thirty feet. No, it’s not their inability to drive in the snow. We don’t get snow here as much as we do ice. And there is no driving on ice.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have to strip tobacco in ten degree weather...


  1. I love to sit here by the fire and listen to those stories. Properly medicated of course.

  2. oh yes you have said stuff worth remembering and reading again!!

    Your procrastination commentary sounds exactly like us...but you are ahead with the battery.. Thanks for the reminder.
    strange weather we are having... 10C today..

  3. Thank you, you two... and glad I could be of assistance Gwen. I don't suppose you went right out and brought those batteries in, did you?

  4. OMG, how did you know?... do you have some kind of telepathic powers???? haha.. I laughed when this popped up .. isn't human nature a bugger.

    ......after... some... minutes....

    alright... now I can positively say the damn battery is in the house.. Thanks for being an anti-procrastinator urger..


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